Why Mexican Moose?

So, why would an otherwise sane individual choose a site name that borders on the oxymoronic?

The key to understanding this is to understand the nature of the mighty and noble moose itself.

The largest of the North American herbivores, the Canadian moose is a stately beast, and in many ways just as emblematic to the Canadian identity as the mighty beaver.

Moose have a few key characteristics with which I identifying strongly, and which when understood in context of this site and its purpose, are entirely fitting.

  • First, moose are not generally gregarious creatures, and never travel in herds as is often the case with other deer species.  They choose their own path forward and are uniquely independant and self-sufficient in the Canadian wilderness.  Kind of describes me too…
  • Secondly, warmer climes such as those typically found at Mexican latitudes are wholly unacceptable to moose, who lack the ability to perspire to regulate their body temperature.  Hot environments are therefore incompatible with the moose lifestyle.  Again, this pretty well describes me, so moving to Mexico (albeit to a cooler part of the country) should have interesting consequences.

This blog is going to chronicle the major changes my wife and I plan to undertake in May of 2018.  I’ve resigned from my regular 9-to-5 employment in the corporate world to pursue an entirely different lifestyle in Mexico.  Along the way, there are bound to be some bumps, and quite possibly some comical discoveries too.

This blog is all about that transition, and as with all good stories, begins with a journey.

I hope you will join me on this journey, and maybe enjoy a laugh or two as Mexican Moose explores this strange new wilderness!

Be sure to comment and ask questions – I want to share this experience with everyone out there, and if we can move this from a monologue to a dialog, then TERRIFIC!